Inaugural session summary, next gathering Fri 4th Nov

Wow, what  lively first session we had last Friday, with high energy levels. much passionate discussion, and contributions from everyone to create an wide ranging vision of how Walthamstow might be in just 15 years time. The outputs are listed on our ‘meetings’ page.

Everyone is welcome to attend our next meeting on Friday 4th November at the Hornbeam Centre 458 Hoe St, Walthamstow, E17 9AH (Hoe St & Bakers Avenue junction). Note that doors open at 6.30pm, and the meeting will start promptly at 7pm. Map:

We aim  to cover most of the following:

  • Sharing our knowledge about nearby transition initiatives
  • Discussion of local energy schemes
  • Identifying existing local projects
  • Vision ‘roadshow’ – adding more ideas to those we’ve already got
  • Exploring projects we could initiate

Whilst the group has yet to agree this, I suggest we set dates for the remainder of this year as follows Fri 18th Nov, Fri 2nd Dec,  Fri 16th Dec.


The Transition Network has introduced a new just launched 2 very useful explainers:

And under the banner ‘How to do Transition’ on the home page there is a new ‘ingredients’ directory which looks an invaluable resource.

There is also a new book out called ‘The Transition Companion’, which will be available to peruse at our meetings.

Paul Gasson

One response to “Inaugural session summary, next gathering Fri 4th Nov”

  1. Thanks Paul, for the write up of the first meeting. I hope it’s ok to use this comment facility.
    I was sorry to miss it as I know this is going to be the start of something big. I also can’t attend the next meeting but am really looking forward to meeting the group at the following meeting. My particular interest is food growing and I can see such potential in the front gardens of Walthamstow. If it’s ok to add my thoughts on the vision for the future, I can imagine crop rotations planned across several front gardens in the same way you might plan crop rotations on an allotment. And it could be beautiful too – there’s nothing like squashes nestled under tomato plants in the autumn sun.
    I’ve a long way to go in understanding the economics underpinning the transition movement, but your slides have started me off, thank-you.

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