Weds 24th October 2012: Fermented Foods Skillshare

This month at the Hornbeam Centre we’ll be learning about fermented foods. Ralph will give us a “super quick and super basic introduction to some principles of practical fermentation. We will make and learn about kimchi, kombucha, sough dough and Ginger bug.”

Please bring four jam jars or similar containers to take part in the workshop and take away a starter for each ferment.

This is a great way to meet like minded people, learn new skills, and you get to go home with starters for each of kimchi, kombucha, sough dough and ginger bug.
The centre will be open from 6.30, and we’ll start the skillshare promptly at 7pm. Then at 8pm we’ll have a cup of tea and a chat, and around 8.30 you are welcome to join the Steering Group in discussing future activities.

2 responses to “Weds 24th October 2012: Fermented Foods Skillshare”

  1. Hi, I posted on a local facebook group to request a scoby for making kombucha. A lovely resident replied that Transition had run a fermented foods workshop and suggested that you might put me in touch with the couple who ran it? I’d be so grateful if you could pass on my contact details or, better yet, let me know if there are any plans for a repeat of this great-sounding workshop?

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