Walthamstow Food Coop launches

Thanks to steering group member Remy, who has been working so hard behind the scenes, the Walthamstow Food Coop is now up and running.  We are excitedly awaiting our first delivery of whole foods from Suma* on Monday 25th Feb. The Coop runs on a monthly cycle:

  • members place orders online (via a google spreadsheet),
  • they pay via online bank transfer a few days before the end of the month,
  • Suma deliver on the first Monday of the next month, and
  • members collect their food between 3 & 5pm the following Saturday from the pickup point in Walthamstow Village.

All you need to join is the scheme is a google email address, and membership of the Coop costing just £5 (which pays for boxes to store your food in). The scheme relies entirely on voluntary effort, so members are asked to lend a hand when required.

If you are interested in joining the coop, email walthamstow.food.coop@gmail.com

Click here for more information about the coop.

*Suma is a wholefood workers coop that specialises in vegetarian, organic and fairtrade products.

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