Solar Schools – Bring clean energy to a classroom near you

Do you know a school that could do something amazing? 10:10 is looking for schools to join their groundbreaking Solar Schools project in 2013/14.

Solar Schools provides the training and tools schools need to fundraise the cost of solar panels from their community – cutting carbon, building communities, boosting budgets, learning new skills, and exploring energy and climate change in a totally new way.

Each school gets their own Solar Schools webpage, populated with virtual solar panels. Family, friends, and local businesses sponsor sections of virtual solar panel from as little as £5. Solar Schools provides Once the school hits their fundraising target, the virtual panels become a real solar roof!

Schools who’ve taken part are being celebrated in parliament and picking up awards. There are just 100 places for next school year – could a school you know be one of them?

Applications for Solar Schools 2013/2014 is now open. If you know a school you think could take part, make sure they don’t miss out!

Explore the project and get involved at

Contact or phone 020 7388 6688.

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