Draughtbusting Workshops

Is your home losing heat through draughty doors and windows?

An average of 10% heat loss occurs through draughts in your house, so with today’s rising energy costs the installation of draught proofing measures will be quickly repaid by lower fuel bills, especially as Transition Walthamstow can help you access high quality materials at cost price.

A little experience is required to make the best choice of draught excluding materials and install them. If you would like advice and initial help in obtaining and installing draught proofing strips at your home, contact Clive Bower at clive.bower@hotmail.co.uk, or sign up for a free draughtbusting workshop.

Draughtbusting workshops

The aims of our 2 hour draughtbusting workshops are to:

  • give local residents the skills & confidence to install draught proofing for doors and windows in their home, by giving them hands-on practice at the workshop,
  • offer advice on where to get low cost & high quality draughtproofing materials, and
  • reduce domestic energy loss and heating bills.

Transition Walthamstow in partnership with HEET has run draughtbusting workshops in 2012 & 2013 at The Mill and at the Hornbeam Centre.

The next workshop is planned for early 2014.

Workshops are free, but you must book by emailing transitionwalthamstow@gmail.com

Note these workshops are focussed on techniques for wooden framed windows & doors, and do not cater for uPVC & metal frames.

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