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Update Feb 2013:

The heart and soul group are taking a meeting break due to low attendance. However lots of people have been in contact with Alexandra to say they are interested in principle; so we have the sense that there is a will for a group like this locally it’s just not currently taking root. What we plan to do instead is to wait until after the Inner Transition conference in Islington in April, see if new ideas and inspirations come from that and start the meetings again after April. So if you would like to be part of the heart and soul group feel free to email Alexandra to say so and maybe consider signing up for the Inner Transition weekend.


Connecting and networking everyone who is committed to, or at least interested in… alternative health, meditation, spiritual ecology and inner peace.

What gives you joy? What brings you peace? How do you care for your own health and wellbeing?

The transition to a future with less oil and natural resources will make the external pleasures of modern society prohibitively expensive, and medicines will be unsustainable to produce. This requires us to find that deep and sustainable source of happiness within us and in our communities.

For the Transition Heart and Soul group love, fellowship and service underpin the Transition vision. Come and meet like minded souls, share a meditation and common values over a cup of tea.

Contact Alexandra Wilson on alexandrajwilson@yahoo.co.uk or 07734 082691

What is Heart and Soul?

There is no need for us to live in fear! The world is still a beautiful place and there are significantly more decent caring people than the media would have us believe. Transition gives us hope that in reconnecting to our community, to the values and ethics that saw our grandparents thrive under rationing, by getting to know the planet and her people, getting know ourselves better, we can build healthier happier lives that rely on soil and soul not consumerism, debt and the finite resources of the Earth.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

The Transition Heart and Soul movement encourages us all to embrace the spiritual element of ecology. By healing ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we are far better equipped to live full and happy lives that don’t require the trappings of capitalist wealth and the consumer society.

In a future without oil we will have to look again at the NHS (if it even exists) and be prepared to heal ourselves and others without the use of medicines which are either oil based or at least require oil to be manufactured and delivered.

 So Transition Heart and Soul embraces alternatives to conventional medicine and works on ourselves first, then within the community to promote healthier, more sustainable approaches to health and wellbeing.

What can I expect from the meeting?

Come with an open heart and mind, bring your skills and interests to the table. We will meditate, vision and share skills that will support each other towards a community centred future.

There will be an altar to the Earth, so please bring a small item that represents your love for the Earth, your ancestors or your own healing journey. This can be a crystal, a photograph, a piece of jewellery, a stone, a feather – anything that you feel inspired to bring.

Contact Alexandra Wilson, alexandrajwilson@yahoo.co.uk, 07734 082691

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